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Exit 4 Urlingford
Remote Working Hub

The key advantage of providing a high-quality remote working hub in the centre of Urlingford will be to attract more people to Urlingford and create a centre of activity to generate vibrancy and activity within the town. A secondary impact will be a wider pool of people living in and committed to the success of Urlingford.

With that in mind, Urlingford Town Team were delighted when the Department of Rural and Community Affairs awarded a grant of € 250,000 to Urlingford towards the cost of acquiring the recently vacated Urlingford branch office of the Bank of Ireland for the purposes of creating a remote working hub. The Urlingford Town Team would also like to express their appreciation for the recent grant of € 45,000 from Kilkenny County Council under the Community and Cultural Facilities Capital Scheme 2023, to support the delivery of this project. We were also delighted to receive an award of €1,000 from the Rise Global Foundation towards the cost of purchasing a flatscreen for  Exit 4’s  training room. Urlingford Town Team is now working with the Kilkenny County Council to repurpose the branch office as Exit 4, and to open it this Autumn.


Urlingford's strategic location - less than 90 minutes from Dublin and Cork along the M8 corridor, just over an hour to Limerick and Waterford- offers the ideal opportunity for hybrid working, where workers may only need to be at their workplaces a number of days per month. Professionals could very realistically make Urlingford their home, taking advantage of affordable housing, a childcare centre and a selection of pre-schools and schools. Growth of this nature, i.e retaining young professionals and attracting in new ones, would generate more economic activity in the area and would give a much needed boost to the local commercial and services sectors thereby helping to revitalise the town centre.


Given its location and connectivity, Exit 4, with its capacity to host larger meetings, will provide an attractive option for both the corporate and public sector entities seeking a meeting location convenient to workers scattered across the region. 


Exit 4 will facilitate remote and hybrid working models for individuals and employers who are seeking/to::

  • Rent a desk: for a day, week, month or year. 

  • Centrally Located Meeting Spaces. 

  • Fully Serviced Office Space for lease. 

  • Private Offices for lease. 

  • Meeting room and audio-visual capabilities as required.

  • A break room including seating area and kitchenette

Man Working from Home

Project Objectives
  • Set up the Remote Working  Hub premises and make remote working a reality in Urlingford

  • Support the development of employment opportunities in Urlingford through the Remote Working  Hub.

  • Support the development of the area by providing young people the choice to stay closer to home while pursuing their careers.

  • Encourage people currently working in cities facing the challenge of finding affordable housing and dealing with long commute times, to consider moving to Urlingford.

  • To have the Urlingford Remote Working Hub fully integrated into the Connected Hubs platform,, at the earliest opportunity to bring it to a wide audience looking for space within a hub.

  • To further market the potential of the Remote Working Hub to businesses and organisations that need meeting space or office space.


Service Provision

The following facilities will be developed for hire on a short and long-term basis:

  • Hot-desks in co-working areas

  • Privacy booths for individuals where confidentiality is a requirement

  • Office space for an individual or small groups

  • Meeting room and audio-visual capabilities as required.

  • A break room including seating area and kitchenette



Central to the success of the Remote Working Hub will be its marketing, tapping into the stream of workers who will no longer work five days per week in a city based office, but who will chose a life in rural Ireland, taking advantage of both the cost-effectiveness of rural living as well as the work-life balance it affords.Creating a client base of companies and organisations that have a presence in a number of cities or who might want to facilitate meetings between employees located around the region will be a fundamental part of this marketing strategy.

We will set up a dedicated website to market Exit 4.

We will participate in Kilkenny County Council’s upcoming publicity campaign for hybrid working

We will market Exit 4 on social media.

We will join which is operated by The National Hub Network, a Government of Ireland initiative that provides a vehicle for individual hubs to come together under a shared identity to maximise the economic opportunity of remote working. The National Hub Network has the support of Government, remote working advocacy groups and industry representatives. In this way, also encompasses a range of key features that deliver significant benefits to member hubs, hub clients, employers, local communities and the wider economy.




Project Outcomes

The success of the project will be marked by both

  • The thriving self-sustaining Remote Working Hub

  • A vibrant, rejuvenated Main Street in Urlingford with new businesses and increased footfall.


Let's Work Together

Please support us in our work.

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