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The board of directors operates as a team, drawing on the skills and talents of each member, and working toward the delivery of the aims set out in the Vision and Mission statements of the Urlingford Town Team (UTT).


Member of the Board of Directors:

  • Lead the the decision making with due regard to the Vision and Mission of the UTT.

  • Take on specific tasks related to projects, including coordinator roles as well as being charged with the corporate governance of the organisation.

  • Act as an advocates for the organisation to external bodies.

  • Preparing for and attend board meetings.

  • Driving the overall strategy of the organisation.

General Town Team Members contribute to UTT in one or more of the following ways

  • Volunteer on subcommittees or working groups that are working towards the objectives of the Town Plan.

  • Represent the UTT and raise awareness of the work of the UTT in the wider community.

  • Vote at the AGM

We need your help and support


We have set ourselves an ambitious action plan but given the challenges Urlingford is facing in terms of becoming a sustainable community with healthy lifestyles, improved educational and employment opportunities, reduced inequality, a stronger and more resilient economy while safeguarding our natural environment, there is no option but to be ambitious.


We have got off to a good start but we will only be able to deliver these projects with your help.



In a Meeting


Cleaning Nature


Charity Volunteers


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