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Who we are
Urlingford has always had a committed and ambitious community who want their town to thrive. The recently established Urlingford Town Team comprises a number of people who have come together on a voluntary basis, in response to a request from Kilkenny County Council, to work with the Council to tackle current challenges and to make Urlingford a place where people want to live and work.
​How it started


Beginning in May 2021, Kilkenny County Council working with Turley Consultants carried out a series of online workshops where the entire community of Urlingford  had the opportunity to discuss what they wanted for Urlingford. The objective was to do a health check on the town of Urlingford and produce a Town Plan that would assist the local community in developing the town of Urlingford. Part of that plan was the set up of a Town Team, a group of interested people that would take the town forward with the assistance of the Town Plan. The first meeting of that group was in June 2021.

How it's going


We have a number of active projects that are at various stages of development. To find out more have a look at our projects' page.


We very much welcome welcome new members from the community who are interested in working with us to deliver the goals set out in our Strategy document.  


​Latest project:
Remote Working Hub

In an era when successful careers are no longer limited by location, the provision of appropriate spaces to work in the context of a remote or hybrid model presents an opportunity for rural communities.


Urlingford Town Team has embraced this opportunity by partnering with Kilkenny County Council, and embarking on the development of a Remote Working Hub in the iconic Bank of Ireland building. It is envisaged that the hub will enable professionals to remain in or move to Urlingford, thus reinvigorating the town and creating vibrancy on Main Street.

Our Vision


The Urlingford Town Team's vision is of an Attractive, Safe, Prosperous, Inclusive, Respectful and Empowering Urlingford Town, one in which everyone is proud to grow up and grow old.

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